Congratulations to VIXX for winning first today! #VIXXEternity1stWin

Congratulations to VIXX for winning first today! #VIXXEternity1stWin

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5/10 Exo Songs into Graphics || "Baby, Don't Cry"
The story of behind “Baby, Don’t Cry” refers back to the original story of the Little Mermaid, where the mermaid has to kill the Prince- the person she loves so dearly or else she turns to foam. Ultimately, her love for the prince is too strong and she can’t bring herself to kill him, so instead she chooses to die for him.
In “Baby Don’t Cry,” there is a reversal in roles- a Merman’s tears. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the one he loves, because he can’t stand them being hurt. In order to protect his love, he is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means hurting himself.

"Above the dark shade of pain, at the doorsteps of farewell
Even if I take the brutal fall, I can manage if it were for you”

ricky’s irrevelent but meaningful answer to what the US fans mean to him

Daehyun was so happy when they won again 

Seohyun’s #1 fanboy

Jongup the master of sound effects…

Don’t worry galaxy, Chen got your back